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Running With Pride Coaching is designed with your individual running and fitness goals at the forefront of mind, from a holistic approach, taking into consideration work-life balance and stress factors. Your initial consultation establishes the foundation of your running program. 

We understand life happens, therefore each program will give you routine and the flexibility you need to accomplish your running goals.

You will have contact with your coach in real-time with comments and feedback on each activity to keep you motivated, accountable and consistent. The monthly subscription includes an initial 60 minute setup session to ensure you are confident with your tailored program.

Your coach will develop your monthly Run/Strength Program that includes 30 minute fortnightly progress check-ins and reflect, reset sessions to keep you on track to reach your goals. 

Cost $100 per month Subscription: we use a simple app called final surge which your program will be  uploaded to for easy access which then can be downloaded onto your watch. 

Person wearing a marathon medal, holding pride flag outstretched behind their shoulders
Kara Bell holding a marathon trophy smiling


Athletics Australia Certified Run Coach


Running is a powerful tool! Kara has experienced the highs and lows of the running journey which has changed her life. Understanding firsthand the continued struggle some have to keep weight off while managing daily life stress. Kara found running to be her safe place where there was no judgement, just simple forward movement.


Kara’s running story started when she was unwell and the doctor stated that at 20 yrs of age she wouldn't see a 25th birthday if she didn't lose weight. Kara couldn't afford anything but a pair of shoes so simply started by setting the simple goal of walking 3 times per week, then after some time increased to daily and slowly found a shuffle turning into a slow jog/run. Within 2 years Kara was running most days and loving how clear her mind was and how her body responded to the forward movement.  


At this time Kara had no understanding about the dos and don'ts, rest days and different methods on improving running, suffering injury after injury for some years, it led her on a journey of discovering coaching and the value in having someone in your corner to assist you. With this realisation Kara utilised a coach and found that having a coach and a solid training plan was key to accomplishing her successes.


Between 2016 and 2019 Kara went on to complete a marathon on each continent: Los Angeles, Paris, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China (Great Wall Marathon), Punta Arenas, Antarctica!


With understanding intimately what it takes to be consistent and accountable to work through the lows and celebrate the highs of the running journey, Kara is passionate about coaching people who want to run no matter the distance, the time or the terrain.

"Kara is the definition of support and adaptability. After various attempts to run a marathon over 3 years, she never gave up hope that I would complete the 42kms. Kara supported me every step of the way through training journey to the day of my event,  she coached with positivity and never let me give up on myself. She told me to trust my body but most importantly to have fun. I can honestly say I would have not been able to run that distance without her and her guidance.  Her training plans are detailed and holistic not only focusing on the runs, but the mind and body too.  Kara is the absolute best! If I ever want to do an event again, I wouldn’t do it without her"

State by Elly Whiting, Running With Pride Athlete.


Monthly subscription: $100 (AUD) per month

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