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Group of people engaging in non-gendered fitness


Personal Training is such an imperative part of working towards optimal health, this is a space to empower you for healthy change, and by engaging with your PT regularly you will be celebrating your goals with your trainer not just on your own, this giving you motivation to achieve your goals even when it gets tough!


Your Personal Trainer can guide you step by step with entire routines either within a group setting or individually, depending on what is right for you. With a passion for health and fitness your trainer can inspire and encourage you every step of the way through personalised programs, instructions, education and support.

Bowie Stover - Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Cert III in Fitness - Cert IV in Fitness


Bowie (They/Them) is a fitness coach, specialising in Russian style kettle-bell training, co-founder of Non Gen​dered Fitness and podcast host. Bow is a Non Binary person that has used physical training to help them shape their body and affirm their identity as they have transitioned non medically. Now they passionately support other Trans, Gender Diverse and Queer folks to help them find ways to move their bodies on their own terms and in ways that feel good for them. 


Monday 7am-8am, Tuesday 5.30pm-6.30pm, Thursday 7am-8am (AEST)

Non-gendered Fitness Logo



60 mins

$75 (AUD)



45 mins

$15 (AUD)

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