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The Full Story


With Pride’ offers a safe and inclusive service for the LGBTIQA+, Transgender, Gender Diverse & Non-Binary Communities, where every client can be confident that they are welcomed, embraced, and empowered. Our Integrated Healthcare Services are accessible online, globally, and face-to-face throughout Australia.


We are a person-centred service that works to empower our clients for healthy change and health management in relation to all aspects of life. This includes physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, relationship, spiritual & career health. We recognise that all life and physiological systems work in conjunction and affect one another.


By empowering clients to identify their health needs and ensuring that all aspects of health are being met by the appropriate Practitioners, we form a unique, collaborative, and holistic approach to health.


All of our highly qualified, evidence-based Practitioners either identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ Community or are passionate allies, dedicated to improving our Communities health outcomes.


We are also proud to be offering Self-managed & Plan-Managed NDIS Consumers access to Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living, and Capacity Building - Improved Health and Wellbeing, in particular for those that identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ Community, this plan funding provides approved access to: Individual Counselling, Dietary Planning, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training.


We offer LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training, this both for the broader community and training specific to Healthcare Professionals with key clinical considerations. Our goal is to facilitate change. To inspire people to embrace and use Inclusive practices & language.

Three people happy and walking together


To provide our LGBTIQA+ community with safe and inclusive services to access holistic healthcare solutions to empower physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual health. 

To deliver LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training broadly to ensure  our community can show up in more spaces knowing they are safe, affirmed and celebrated. 


To continue expanding With Pride's presence to promote health outcomes in our community, this by continually growing and providing representation with our practitioners in all states of Australia and a strong global online presence for consultations, workshops, article writing, guest speaking, broadcasting and LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training.

Group of people in office smiling and waving rainbow flags
Photo of Shae Abel wearing a blue blazer, white t-shirt and rainbow lanyard


Our founder Shae Louise Abel (she/they) (BHSc (Nat), AdvDipSocSc (Just)) throughout their years of experience as a Practitioner and as a Psychosocial Mental Health Support Worker witnessed the hesitation of clients in accessing not only medical healthcare but also that of preventative healthcare. This is particularly the case for the LGBTIQA+ Community where discrimination is still a continuing issue, this contributing to less than ideal health outcomes.

With this came the vision for providing a visibly inclusive space to access an integration of health care services that work collaboratively with the aim to improve health outcomes.

By creating this platform people within our LGBTIQA+ Community can be empowered to work on their health without anxiety, simply knowing that they will be affirmed and respected. 

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