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Our training will have you confident in understanding LGBTIQ+ experiences & history, sexual orientation, gender identity, inclusive language & practices.


Statistics, facts &

introductory concepts

Learn about intersectionality, unconscious bias, equity, equality, justice, statistics & facts followed by an overview of current legislation.

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LGBTIQ+ History

Here we journey through our history and milestones. Sharing with you our legislative history from criminalisation of homosexuality and civil rights movements through to Marriage Equality in Australia. 

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Sexual Orientation

You will learn about each Sexual Orientation that falls under our LGBTIQ+ umbrella. Providing you insight into the definitions and unique experiences of each sexual orientation.

Sex & Gender Identity

Here we explore & discuss the difference between Biological Sex and Gender Identity, providing you a clear understanding of definitions, gender identity & gender expression.

We assist you to have more insight into the lives of our Transgender, Gender Diverse & Non-binary Community throughout transitioning.

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Definitions, examples, do's, don'ts & the tools to use if you make a mistake so that you can affirm our Transgender, Gender Diverse & Non-binary community. 

Inclusive language & practice

Including: pronouns, all gender bathrooms, workplace policies & procedures, inclusive forms & community perspectives.

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Active Allyship

Learn the qualities and actions of an active ally, including what to and not do if someone invites you in & shares their identity, and awareness days.

Health Professionals

For those that attend our Health Professionals LGBTIQ+ Training you will be provided with an in depth understanding of the needs of our community from a clinical perspective, this inclusive of medications, side effects and other key clinical considerations.

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